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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

User's Manual for Bowl Aquarium.

Gurucharanam Saranam

Dear ...,
Please go through the User's Manual for Bowl Aquarium.

1. Feed the Fish 2 times a day; Good timing 7 am & 5 pm.
2. Quantity: 2 Granules for a fish.
3. If any remnant after 5 minutes remove it using the net.
4. Aerator timing:only 8 hours a day.
5. If windows are closed during night, use aerator full night.
6. If any fish is seen dead, remove it as early as possible.
7. If any plant parts or any other unwanted things are seen in the water, remove them.
8. If any plant comes out of its bed, refix the same.
9. Weekly change 5 Ltrs. of water and add same amount of water to the bowl.
10. This fresh water should be kept in sunlight for atleast 7 days[to get rid of chemicals].
11. If the water is seem turbid, do the above process.
12. If any uneven movement of fish is noticed, shift the fish from the bowl.
Do wash your hands before putting them in the tank or working with any equipment that will come into contact with your tanks water. Soaps, creams, medicines etc can all harm your inhabitants.
14. Do look at your tank every day to check your fish and invertebrates health. Are they acting differently than normal, do they have any damage or signs of illness etc
  • Do react quickly when you think something is wrong.

1. Don't add any other fish,plant or material to the Bowl.
2. Don't give overload to aerator.
3. Don't tap on the glass.
4. Don't close the opening of the bowl.
5. Don’t overfeed. This is most probably one of the most common mistakes for a beginner. Fish always appear hungry and it is very tempting to feed them often but this can cause all sorts or problems – the most common being poor water quality. If nor corrected this can lead to sickness and death of your fish and inverts in a short time. If you are going to very often then ensure you only feed small amounts and that it all gets eaten immediately.

6. Don’t use fly sprays, air fresheners, incense etc in the same room where your fish tank is placed, as they may well poison your inhabitants.

With Love
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