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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Business is always something special. It should be like that forever. Everyone can do it in one way or other, but some don't think about it. Some do.
It needs:
1. Ethics.
2. Knowledge.
3. Skill.
4. Attitude.
5. Commitment.


Business has a very special thing that is Profit. Sometimes it will be very large but in some cases it may be very low. Some people fail to find this so their business will fail to come up.
Anyhow interconnected business will be helpful to overcome this malaise- using and transferring one's clients or customers for another and making profit out of it.

A business man should be out of:
1. Bad habits.
2. The character of disturbing others.
3. Unwanted contacts and companies.


A business man should be:
1. a business himself; I am a man, i am a business too.
2. a busy man.
3. a MAN.i.e, he should have Money, Authority & Need.
4. self motivated.
5. of a special attitude. i.e, "work is worship".

From Dd with Love