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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Aquarium Matters!!!

Gurucharanam Saranam


Your kind attention is invited to the details of an Aquarium:

Let me explain some of the Features of an aquarium:
a. Aquarium is considered to be one of the No.1 Hobbies in the World.
b. It is a thing of beauty.
c. It soothes our minds.
d. It is a complete eco-system.
e. It is an educational tool also.
f. Putting an aquarium in its right place invites peace, prosperity and luck.

Dear..., now please go through the Advantages of our aquariums:
a. Here we use Toughened glass.
b. You know that the Toughened glass is stronger than the ordinary glass.
c. Only live aquatic plants are used in our aquariums.
d. Only healthy ornamental fish we deal with.
e. World class quality Products are our specialty.
f. Professional touch in execution.
g. Complete After sales service is provided.
h. Full Guarantee is another Mega specialty.
l. Customized Users manual will also be provided.

Dear ., pls. note the Benefits also:
a. Being a thing of beauty, it will attract more and more people to the area.
b. The Toughened glass, in general, does not break.
c. We are using scientific techniques to keep the water clean. It makes the plants grow, provide health to fishes and increased attraction to the viewers.
d. Since world-class products are used in our aquariums, there is less chance for complaints and the overall performance will be very high.
e. The professional touch provides correct positioning, artistic designing, perfect combination of plants and fishes etc.
f. The provision of after sales service gives you the benefit of easy maintenance.
g. Guarantee enables you to maintain the aquarium forever.
h. The customized user manual will give you the information about maintenance of the aquarium and other special tips.
i. Above all, it is a solace to the people who come to our office or home.

Dd-Aquarium’s Specialties:
a. The know how of 14 years of dynamic experience will reach you.
b. The vast knowledge by undergoing scores of in-depth training courses is within your reach.
c. You are most welcome to the fold of our hundreds of valuable, happy clients all over India.

Please Note:
1. 75% of the total amount is to be remitted as advance.
2. The balance 25% on the installation date.
3. Half-yearly renovation @ 10% only.
4. All additional purchases will be @ 10% discount.
5. Yearly gift is one of our specialties.
6. We are happy to inform you that an annual award is instituted for the best maintained aquarium.

Aquatainment invites Peace, Prosperity & Luck.

With Love

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Aquatainment invites Peace, Prosperity & Luck

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