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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tension Vz Peace.

Gurucharanam Saranam

Tension is really a matter nowadays.
But remember some people have no tension at all, why?

I think they are doing something different than the tension getting people. What is that?

How we can remove tension from life?

What is tension?

Yes, as far as one man is concerned tension is a by product of something like:

1. Wrong doings.
2. High speed life.
3. Forgetting...
4. Having unwanted situations.
5. Over doing.
6. Pressures from others.
7. etc..etc...

In this situation we can just think about Masters, Sanyasis etc. they always live in peace or most of their life and even the surrounding people and atmosphere also.


We just study them, we will start to find something and something. Just learn it. It influence our lives also. We will find what is peace.

Some say:

1. Doing all things in a rhythm, slow tone also reduce tension.
2. System in everything [ not over].
3. No boss no owner, we are free.
4. Always be Happy.
5. Seeing everything is for good.
6. Accompanying with everything.
7. Seeing what to come and ready to bear it.
8. Be a tough guy forever.
9. Everything is what GOD did.
10. etc...etc...
like there is lot of sayings to reduce tension and be in peace.

But Guru teach us everything.
That is what is a master is.
How we see it is the matter.

So be a child or scholar to learn...............forever.

With Prayers,
Your Dinadevan.

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