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Sunday, July 13, 2008

How to become RICH !!!

Gurucharanam Saranam

Rich in Mind, Body, Spirit and Money also included:
The world is full of opportunities. We only want one thing that is acceptance. We should accept all. Richness is a state of mind that we can fix ourselves. It may sometimes go wrong but we should regain it immediately that is the success one can make in his life by himself.
Any one in the world can any time can be rich:
1. Think about the world.
2. Never be disturbed in any situation.
3. Be in a system and that should consist of Prayer, Sankalappa, Karmam, Samarpanam, Revolution, Thinking and all other usual activities of a good-common man.
4. See 'Work as Worship'.
5. See these as dangers- Selfishness, Greed, 'I'.
6. Respect all. See all as God's children.
7. See 1000s of things and study from those.
8. Develop our skills naturally.
9. Know that, there is lot of bad things in the world and at the same time good things. Try to do always more and more good things.
10. Know yourself that, whatever we do, God is seeing it every now and then.

This is what i like to say to my world. Keep going good and more good. Always journey towards the Truth, that itself is the God.

From Dd with Love.

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