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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Money Developer

ein BildMoney Developer

"My job is to develop and multiply my client's money and make him rich and prosperous throughout his entire life."

Our job is to suggest the right way of investing money


the right way of developing your business..

Most people use only 5% of their inherent potential. 95% of the human talent goes to their grave. This situation we have to alter. How ? It is an art and also a science.

Shall i continue..........?

"Do you have goals in life?"

" Yes", you may answer "i have goals".

"Do you have dreams in life?"

"Yes", you may answer "i have dreams".

"Do you have a plan of action?"


Yes, here lies the point. We should have a plan of action to be successful in life. Financial planning and business development techniques and such other things come into the picture.

For eg: You may be creating income and consuming the same. Perhaps, you may have some kind of arrangement for conservation[Savings]. But you may fail to recognize the importance of arranging an important factor that is continuation of income.

What is continuation of income?

If anything happens to you, wherefrom will the income come for meeting the needs of your family?.

Here comes the importance of Economic Life Value [ELV]. It is one of the factors which we should take into account while we formulate a financial plan.

Now, let us come to the Business Segment [Biz. Zone].

What will be the problems you have to face in the coming 3 years in the development of your business?

What are the possible solutions available to eliminate these problems?

What will be the great achievements you can have in the coming 3 years in your business?

What are the resources you need to have to get that achievements?

What are the opportunities you shouldn't have to miss in these 3 years?

What are the techniques you need to capture that opportunities?

We have 'something' to offer to you.

This 'something', you can say as the magic of creating and increasing money or wealth as in the hands of Uncle Scruge.

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Dinadevan, Money Developer
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"My job is to develop and multiply my client's money and make him rich and prosperous throughout his entire life."

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