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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Gurucharanam Saranam

Dear ,


Akrasia means unwanted behavior

Most dangerous situation than AIDS, TB, CANCER etc.

The person who has Akrasia cannot do anything in life

1.Failing to do what you are supposed to do

Failing to wakeup in the morning
Failing to make 5 calls every day
Failing to write a prepared call
Failing to pick 5 appointments every day
Failing to implement 555 formula
Failing to write a follow up letter
Failing to do a proper follow up
Failing to reach on appointment
Failing to do jogging
Failing to do exercise every morning

2. Doing what you are not supposed to do

Reaching late
Watching TV
Telling lies
Drinking & Smoking
Arguments with prospects
Spoiling family relationships
Over heating

Why we are in AKRASIA

Because we are not willing to CHANGE
Why we are not willing to CHANGE?
Fear of failure
We don’t have a GOAL
No setting Targets
Afraid of change
Not interested to change
Lack of confidence
No communication skill
Happy with now what going on

With Love
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